Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bagyong Sendong: An Eye Opener for Betterment

The tragic of Bagyong SENDONG happened in Cagayan De Oro City is an eye opening for everyone. Actually, I shiver when I am watching the news. The children, family, father and daughter, mother and son, grandma and grandpa, rich, poor, middleman, and so on became a victim. Different emotions, reactions, and stipulations from different sector and community not only in the Philippines but also world wide, have been shown.

Now it has been reported that thousands of people died and other were missing. Have mercy on them! Different sectors, companies, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) have been doing their best to support and provide relief goods to all the people there.

This morning, in ABS-CBN, controversies and issues on mass burial; plus the issue yesterday on PNOY participation in PSG (Presidential Security Group) Party have been the trending in any sites and TV stations.

Another calamity hits the country. Is it the nature’s revenge or the negligence of humanity? God gave everything to us to take care and develop in a responsible way.

My question now is “Do we have the heart seeing those innocent people died?” Do you have the conscience in you heart?

Based on the documentary broadcasted from GMA7, our natural resources were becoming scarce. Massive illegal logging, illegal mining, illegal use of chemicals, and other illegal act of destroying our mother Earth are the root cause of those things.

Fellow Filipinos, remember that we are not the only country that experiencing this. There were many calamities that shocked everyone why do those things happen. The balance of our ecosystem and environment is a mere evidence of what is happening today.

When will be the time that Bill Gates or Warren Buffet will donate for reforestation? When will be the time that everybody will be responsible? When will be the discipline of law makers and leaders impost for our environment?

Though it has been cited in Holy Bible that God will not deluge or end this world, I think we, human, will end our survival in our planet. We are the main reason why we have this.

Everybody wants to be a billionaire, a millionaire, a well off person…but nobody wants to have their millions to share for the mother Earth.

There were many advocacy and organization that supports a greener community but I think this is not enough. Full force implementation of the project should be sustained and push to make it more viable.

Do we have a law that mandates every born child needs to plant a tree? Do we have enough resources to replace all the trees from our mountains? Do we create new mountain when a big company converted it into a new factory?

Remember that a plant needs to grow of becoming tree for five to ten years. And we cut that tree for just a minute. Remember that all the things that we eat need a lot of energy and time to become food and we also eat that for a minute. Then we can conclude that everything we enjoy at this time is a product of long cultivation and processing before it becomes a product ready for consumption.

Responsible human being should be the real answer on this. We all don’t need to be wealthy to help our mother nature. All we have to do is unite our spirit doing great things of what God has been given to us. Development is not bad if there is a balance act between technology and nature. Go for paperless…use technology. For an advertisement campaign…go for television or internet ads instead of papers. Those were just a simple way we can help our environment.

Go green and be an environmentalist on our own way!


  1. go for green environment

  2. pray for the victims of bagyong sendong..
    save our mother earth
    let's plants trees
    and go for the green and healthy environment
    ...may God guide us always!!!!

  3. lets save our mother earth...
    go..go..go..for green environment..!!
    people of the world..' lets plant trees...

  4. Thanks everyone... Hope our government will do something on this issue... God Bless Philippines and the whole world...


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