Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Janelle Manahan Video Scandal Part Two in Bed gets Viral on Web

As the first scandal video leaks online, Janelle’s part two s3x scandal video becomes trending and gets viral on web.

Moreover, during the interview of Janelle by Boy Abunda, she just answered a more fun in the Philippines to the question from Bottomline which she indeed love our country, Philippines.

The controversial issues and interviews in television make the mass more curious on some alleged videos recorded during their intimate moments. Though it was noted and highlighted by Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. on the appeal to stop uploading the videos, still the inevitable person behind the upload of video cannot resist doing those act.

Password secrecy as one factor for the rebuttal of leaking from the side of Genelyn Magsaysay denies the issue of leaking those videos. Since the technology justify, computer experts said that even you didn’t know the password, still files can be back up and find the files upon getting the hard disk and plugging it to another computer.

In the advent of information age nowadays, we cannot deny that once a file or video has been uploaded, it can be easily downloaded it and repost. Even on the social networking sites, once a story has been shared you cannot stop getting its viral mode.

Hope with this controversy a better views and proposition from our government to tighten the laws on technology primarily on privacy. Computer ethics as one of the key factor for the morality should be also addressed.


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