Monday, January 30, 2012

ShowTime Twist; I.T.S, S.I.T, or T.I.S?

It’s one of the most viewed article in, ‘Is it already goodbye for ‘Showtime?’. Will showtime be on aired again or not? Is it the big contra battle on GMA 7, Eat Bulaga? Do they have the lowest rating?

Lots of intrigues and speculations have been posted even in social networking sites. But here is the twist. All the commercials and segments of ABS-CBN pay tribute to Showtime. What is the new studio shown on its ending last Saturday, January 28? Moreover, there’s no official program replacement presented  or cited by the management. Why is it needed to have a Showtime motorcade?

If ever they will be aired against “Eat Bulaga”, will the mass of audience choose them? Still most comments state that Eat Bulaga has been defined already its charm and created mark on Philippine Television. Will Showtime or will not?

Another tease after the tribute of ShowTime is the I.T.S, S.I.T, or T.I.S. “What is the meaning of this?” , as Tony Gonzaga says in Pinoy Big Brother unlimited. I think the I.S.T. stands for Its ShowTIME. And this will change our noon time entertainment fun in the Philippines. 

So better to wait and see the twist behind ShowTime.


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