Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let Us Save Earth for the Next Generation

A simple way, NewsTrendzPh is joining for the energy conservation worldwide through  Their campaign states as follow:


Join thousands of other businesses and organisations around the globe by switching off your lights for Earth Hour on Saturday March 31, 2012 at 8:30pm. Show the world your organisation cares about our environment and the future of our planet. It’s a great way to show your company in a different light!


In 2012 we invite you to do more than switch off. We want you to dare the world to save the planet. I Will If You Will - a simple promise and a challenge. A CEO can challenge his peers, a department can challenge a department, an office can challenge an office, a company can challenge its staff, clients or industry. We want to inspire people to take actions that make a difference and impact the world you live in. Go to YouTube to check out the latest challenges and register your challenge to dare the world to save the planet. (Source:

As part of the community service and help for the environment, newstrendzph commits to support this endeavor. Saving our planet Earth for continuous and sustainable development will be the best way we can help our mother nature. We are calling all people to support and on March 31, 2012 as we go and do the same thing. Let us Save the Earth for our future generation.


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