Monday, May 7, 2012

Albie Casino photos of injury reveals

Courtesy of ilovealbie fb page
The incident happened on Albie Casiño and Andi Eigenman in Fiamma bar in Makati creates a big hit in netizen at this time. In Facebook page of ilovealbie, it was revealed the effect of spanks from the alleged Adi’s friends namely Frank Magalona, Carlos Concepcion, Jec Lacson, and Neil Arce.

According to Pia Magalona, mother of Frank, as stated in TV Patrol earlier, there should have investigation first on the incident. “I would like to officially state that these are very serious accusations against my son and I ask for an investigation into the truth. It is irresponsible of the media to name him as the attackers when he is not even proven to be involved in the matter”, said Magalona.

On the other hand stated that both Frank and Carlos denied the allegation of their involvement thru twitter.

Recently on the buzz this afternoon May 06, Andi admitted, “Totoo what I did is I spill wine to his face… and now that everybody gets mad at me coz he has been rushed to the hospital…ayaw ko na po kasing tinatatapak tapakan ako eh”.

Meanwhile Abie’s mom said also “Andi you know talaga kung ano ang totoo, you know!” She added, “I beg of you sana tama na…tama na talaga…because nasasaktan ka, nasasaktan si Albie, nasasaktan kami, nasasaktan pamilya mo and you have a child… I thought naka move on na sya… bakit di pa sya nakontento?”


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