Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ian Somerhalder: “El Nido one of the most beautiful places in the Planet

One of the stars in Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, cannot resist on how beautiful Philippine island is. El Nido where he had a photo shoot, he commented that it is one of the most beautiful places of the planet Earth.
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 After his arrival in Manila last May 19, he landed to El Nido, a few days after.

He was amazed with the scenery of Palawan and Filipino people as well. That only shows his admiration on the environment. For others who didn’t know him; he is an environmentalist. He also supports “It Gets Better Project” which aims to prevent bullied from suicidal LBGT youth.

On his interview with OMG Yahoo, he was hook by the question, why does he look younger? With his sense of humor answered, “Because I am a Vampire”.

The Vampire Diaries is a TV Series that captures the mass of audiences who are the youth of today. Avid fans of Somerhalder, get attracted not only on his looks but also the continuous awards he got since 2010, including Teen Choice Awards and Genesis Awards.

The reason why Ian has been written here in News Trendz, is because he is a certified trending in Philippines. Read more trending articles here.


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