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IPhone 5 releases forecast date

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Everybody is excited and waiting for IPhone 5 release by Apple, Inc. A Computer Magazine, Computerworld, forecast to launch the must awaited gadget on October 2 or October 16.

The basis of the forecast is the logical history of the dates of releases. This is in connection with the creation, assemble, and engineering of IPhone 5 enhancement from previous model IPhone 4S that make Siri became known on its voice assistance.
Here’s the basis of dates posted by Computerworld by Johnny Evans.

October 4 2011: iPhone 4S
June 10, 2010: iPhone 4
June 8, 2009: 3GS
June 9, 2008: iPhone 3
January 9, 2007: iPhone

According to Evans, “Logically this makes October 2 (a Tuesday, though under Tim Cook, Apple also seems quite keen on Thursday product launches) the most logical launch date for the iPhone 5. Should that prove unviable, then October 16 makes sense, with the product set to hit the US and other key international markets two weeks later at the end of the month, just before Halloween.”

These make sense on his forecast and will give way of some questions of the worlds on the release of the Apple gadgets.

The official release of IPAD 3 has not been scheduled in the Philippines On the other hand, Yugatech stated that prices would be 26K and above.

Below are the reviews from CNNETV on the coming IPhone 5.

·         A5 dual core processor
·         8 Mega Pixel Camera
·         Qualcomm Gobi pin chip for GSM and CDMA Compatibility
·         1 GB of RAM
·         HSPA Plus for faster High Speed data
·         iOS 5 Assistant – new generation of voice control acquiring Siri

Here in the Philippines, for the coming IPhone 5 is a trending hype for next generation of IPhone Technology. Let us all wait for the upcoming update of Apple as some of the Americans built their tent and fall in line just grab and get the much upcoming IPhone 5.

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