Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vice Ganda visits PBB Teen Edition 4 Housemates

It is confirmed now that Vice Ganda has entered the most famous house in the Philippines, Big Brother house. 

For more than two weeks of jokes and laughter, Vice always used “PBB Teen” punch line on his jokes. This is commonly pertaining to slight nasty acts, crush, puppy love, courting, and teenage act of a modern Filipino youth.

 Recently in Kiray and Igi Boy episode, Vice inserted PBB Teen again. He asked Kiray who is her favorite Teen Housemate. Undoubtedly, she said it’s Joj and Jai (the twin). The comedian host also added, “maganda ang pagpapalaki ng magulang sa kanila.” This means that it is just fair enough that the twin acts in a balance way. The way they talk, mingle, and have a good camaraderie with the co-housemates.

Vice as trending capital comedian in the Philippines, has officially entered the house. How he can be real inside the house? Will his punch line and jokes be the center of conversation inside the house/

As @ABSCBNchannel2 twitted, “What will be the reactions of all teen housemates?” Don’t forget to watch PBB Teen Edition four (4) tomorrow at Primetime.   


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