Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carmina Villaroel reveals her new baby “Muñiz”

Carmina Villaroel revealed her baby “Muñiz” brand of shoes in Badila last night, during her promotion of “Lorenzo’s Time” with Boy Abunda.
photo: getitfromboy.net
She mentioned that Muñiz is a collection of shoe brand (which can be posted also on my branding blog, amazing brandz!). She started designing her brand of shoes during the time she’s looking for a brand of shoes and she experienced hard time to find the right size for her.

With her husband, Zoren Legaspi, who gave her the idea to design shoes she started it as her passion. Her kids created the style and drew it while she thought of the design. Then they made the “Muñiz” brand of shoes online. Brand name came from her middle name. You can visit here online shop at http://munizshoes.com/. Some of her products are also available at Ensembles.

 Most of the style, description and names came from friends of Mina such as Judie Santa Maria, Gellie and Janice, Nikki Valdes, Candy Pangilinan and a lot of more.

On their discussion with Mr. Boy Abunda, he was asked if she will give a shoe to Bibi Gandahari what would it be and why? Mina laughed after the question and she directly answered that Bibi should buy first before it becomes free (LOL). She recommended a gold one shoe for Bibi which means girly girly.

Lorenzo’s Time will be showing in ABS-CBN channel two on July 2, 2012 starring Zaijan Jaranilla with her love team Carmina Villaroel. This will be a one of a kind TV series of ABS-CBN that will surprised and liked by mass viewers worldwide.


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