Saturday, June 23, 2012

Carmina Villaroel says good bye to It’s Showtime

Carmina “Mina” Villaroel said good bye for the mean time to “It’s Showtime”. For her 3 weeks of stay on the show, she has been given a moment of tribute.

“I’m so happy that I became part of It’s Showtime for three weeks”, said Mina.

The reason behind this is she is starting to tape “Lorenzo’s Time” and Anne Curtis will be coming back soon.

Her stay on show creates her talent on hosting and the friendship also; because “It’s Showtime” is not just a show but happiness and friendships. That is how she was game with the challenges such as the chant and “jokes attack”.

With her 3 weeks she showed how flexible she is and how she easily connects with “Madlang” people.

Carmina Villaroel will be playing a love tandem with Zaijan in “Lorenzo’s Time” that will be soon to launch on ABS-CBN. See full story here.


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