Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eric Quizon speaks out on Dolphy’s condition

Eric Quizon, son of king of comedy, Dolphy admitted that Dolphy is very critical at this time until his vital signs gets to normal. 

During his interview with Korina Sanchez with his patience on answering all questions (though he is sweating), Eric revealed that Dolphy experienced 10 pneumonias on his age. He will 84  He got COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) on which according to his son most nearer to cancer but less complicated with cancer. “He is Dolphy…He is a fighter!”, said Eric.

Last Tuesday is his (Eric) last talk with his father. “I’m still alive…I’m ok but not so ok!”, Dolphy replied to him.

Eric stated that he got that opportunity to give a statement to end the bad speculations, intrigues and issues which were not true. With him any information from his other siblings ends the ambiguity to others.

At this time he said that Dolphy is “very critical” and they are waiting for the Doctor’s advice.

It is also reported earlier that Maricel Soriano and other closed with Dolphy visited him in Makati Medical Center.

We are praying for a fast recovery of our Comedy King here in Newstrendzph.

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