Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project Noah: New Philippine Government Website for Weather forecast

Project Noah is the latest Philippine government project. This project is based on “Bagyong Undoy” tragedy before.

Noah stands for Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards.

Its vision is to assure homeland security by reducing casualties and property loss from extreme hazard events and build disaster resilient communities in the Philippines by way of establishing research and development platforms and the promotion of frontier science and technology in disaster efforts. Moreover they aim to become a world leader in programs that leverage on advanced science and technology to mitigate the impacts of natural hazards.

This project has uses google maps for locating flood hazards and weather stations.
Since this app is new, government is informing everyone that you’ll meet some bugs. They approximately assure its full automation with less fixes for two years from now.

To know some of its features you can visit


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