Sunday, June 24, 2012

Robi Domingo quits showbiz?

Robi Domingo as one of the hottest host in Television will quit for his education next year.

Yes, it’s true during the launch of Body Shop.

As reported in Yahoo OMG, “It has been really weird, awkward, but during—I think—or (towards) my fifth year, I’m beginning to enjoy everything because when I started last to 2008 up to 2012 I was doing some school things at the same time. At least (for) now it’s just thinking about showbiz, not school anymore. It’s not the typical kind of thing for me before that you’ll be going to school, to Ateneo then going to ABS after,” the Pinoy Big Brother alumnus said.

It will be a big revelation now, since he’s one of the young hosts of today that creates buzz and has a great impression on his talent and skills. And during his stay at Pinoy Big Brother House it is no doubt that he excelled of what he is doing.

Actually with his endearing charm and his “Boy Waley” pick up lines he is in trending on this site. Especially the time when he revealed his girlfriend in Kris TV last June 14. See full story here.


  1. That was natural on showbiz especially teen stars who are very popular with their generation like a robi. Some of them need to choose for their age, what will be their priority for now. Some of them giving up their studies and some of them still making a time for both studies and showbiz.


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