Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolphy Dies at the age of 83

Comedy King, Dolphy , died at the age of 83 tonight, July 10 at 8:40 pm at Makati Medical Center.

Comedy King Dolphy (July 25, 1928-July 10, 2012)

It is confirmed that Rodolfo Vera Quizon is dead. This is after his wife Zsa Zsa Padilla affirmed in an information to ABS-CBN news.

In previous report of Newstrendzph early June, he was in critical condition. His son, Eric Quizon, said in Korina interview that he is suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Then after that it was reported that his condition was unstable.

Official statement from Makati Medical Center states, "We would like to inform the public that Mr. Rodolfo 'Dolphy' Quizon, passed away today, at 8:34 p.m. due to multiple organ failure, secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure". 

Worldwide will be on grief as he is one of the pillars of entertainment industry in Philippines especially comedy.

Dolphy’s remains will be brought to Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig.

Being an Actor/Comedian

He is also known as John Puruntong (“John en Marsha”), Kevin Cosme (“Home Along Da Riles”), Pidol and Golay. Golay is his first screen name on his movie with Fernando Poe, Sr, to whom he became close and be friend to FPJ.

Aside from being a comedian, he also a producer since 1960 when he founded and established RVQ Productions.

Love Life

In addition he openness brought out his relationships with six women.1

Engracia (Gracia) Dominguez — an actress he met during a stage show (separated in 1963), six children: Manny (Manny Boy), Salud (Sahlee), Rodolfo Jr. (Dolphy Jr.), Freddie (Baby), Edgar, and Raul (Rolly).

Gloria Smith — an actress he met in 1956, four children: Mariquita (Kaye),
Carlos, Geraldino (Dino), and Edwin.

Baby Smith — an actress whose screen name was Pamela Ponti, four children:
Ronaldo (Ronnie), Enrico (Eric), Madonna (Dana), and Jeffrey (Epi).

Evangeline Tugalao — a nurse he met in the late 60s while shooting in a hospital, one child: Rommel.

Alma Moreno — an actress he met in 1981, one child: Vandolph.

Zsa Zsa Padilla, with whom he has two daughters: Nicole (adopted) and Zia 

Famous Awards2

* Lifetime Achievement Award PASADO Awards
* Golden Father Foundation Parangal ng Bayan Awardee
* 1974 Best Actor Winner (Manila Film Festival)
* 1978 Best Actor Winner, Omeng Satanasia
* 1986–1988, 1990 Best Comedy Actor, John En Marsha
* 1990 Best Actor Winner, Espadang Patpat 
* 1992–1995, Best Comedy Actor, Home Along Da Riles
* 1995 PMPC Star Awards for TV, Lifetime Achievement Award
* 1998 Gawad Urian Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award
* 2000 Cinemanila International Film Festival, Lifetime Achievement Award
* 2002 Lou Salvador Sr. Memorial Award, Bituin ng FAMAS Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon Award
*  2005 FAMAS Huwarang Bituin
* 2008 Best Comedy Actor, John En Shirley
*  2009 Guillermo Mendoza Foundation Awards, Comedy Box-Office King (with Vic Sotto)
*  2009 Metro Manila Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
*  2010 FAMAS Awards, Exemplary Achievement Award
* 2010 Best Supporting Actor Winner, Rosario
* 2010 Best Actor Winner, Father Jejemon 
*  2010 Grand Collar of the Order of the Golden Heart - highest award given by the current President of the Philippines, PNOY
* 2011 Best Actor, Father Jejemon
*  2012 Gawad na Diwa ng Lahi - the highest honor given by the government of Manila


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