Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eula Valdez as “Black Lily”; a twist to watch in “Walang Hanggan”

Everyone who is addicted to “Walang Hanggan” became more intrigued when Eula Valdez joined the top rating TV program on ABS-CBN. She is playing, “Black Lily” or commonly Jean Montenegro.
Jean Bonifacio or Eula Valdez claimed to be closed cousin of Rita Avila (Jane Bonifacio Montenegro). During the appearance of Jean, characters on “Walang Hanggan” got their confusion; Jean or Jane?

The uncertainty on the doubt and turmoil of who is Jean becomes the talk of the town today.

As the story becomes more exciting and breathtaking, audiences got their sympathy of who is Eula?

Some says that Jane and Jean are of the same person. Remember that Jane died in a plane crashed. Most probably she is alive and did some surgery; which will be possible.

Here are some signs that Jean and Jane is just one person which caught our attention:

* Favorite food is Chicken
* On her first appearance, when she embraced Patricia "Johanna Montenegro" Bonifacio (Melissa Ricks), there was an excitement on her face  and she felt it very much.
* She had a planned wreak havoc for Emily and Daniel (Dawn Zulueta and Coco Martin).

The mystery of Jean Bonifacio stays a struggle of anonymity until such time of revelation in “Walang Hanggan”.

“Walang Hanggan” is currently the undisputed primetime number one on Nationwide TV Ratings based on Kantar Media which almost all televiewers watched it. Its airtime is at 8:15 pm after Princess and I only in ABS-CBN.

In your opinion do you agree that Jean Bonifacio is also Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro?

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