Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pusong Bato Song Video and Singer gets trending

Rated K on Sunday, July 8 featured the most trending youtube video song and interpretations which Pusong Bato gets trending.
The hit song “Pusong Bato” was originally sung by Aimee Torres way back 2003 and composed by Renee dela Rosa.

Currently it is big hit over youtube which is posted by Angelito Paudan who is friend of Lexter Jimenez who made it on top this year, 2012.Though the video was posted last 2010. On youtube it has 1,966,465 views and still counting.

That song rendition made it more popular today and I am also a fan of this song. If you like it, share it!

 video trending for Pusong Bato
Pusong Bato Live Version


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