Monday, August 6, 2012

No Classes Announcement August 6, 2012 due to heavy rains

The following Schools, Universities, Cities and other areas have been declared by Local Government Units, School Heads, and other authorities as no class or class suspended due to heavy rain today August 6, 2012.

This will be updated soon we get some other resources and information.


      PR San Diego Elementary School, Tagalag Elementary School, Wawang Pulo Elementary School, Polo National High School, A. Deato Elementary School, Coloong Elementary School, Isla Elementary School, Pasolo Elementary School,  and  Pio Valenzuela Elementary School
QUEZON CITY  (by Mayor’s Office of QC)
     All Public Schools (Preschool, Elementary and High School)
SAN MATEO, RIZAL (by Mayor Diaz)
     All Public and Private Schools (Kinder to High School)
Rodriguez, Rizal
    All levels

     Ateneo High School (Preschool to High School)
     Saint Paul University, QC (Preschool to High School)
Source: youscoop, ANC                                                   



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