Friday, October 26, 2012

COMELEC Precinct Finder and New Mobile App 2013 for download

With the new look of Commission on Election (COMELEC) website; Filipino netizens should be aware of the Precinct Number under its innovative Precinct Finder.

Precinct Finder is an easy way to verify your registration status, Voters’ ID printing, and polling place location. COMELEC published status of registration record as follows:

  1. Active, with biometrics: This means that the concerned registration record is ready for voter ID generation.
  2. Active, without biometrics: This means that the concerned registered voter has to validate his (or her) registration record at his (or her) local COMELEC office by having his (or her) biometrics information captured using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). After doing so, the record will be ready for voter ID generation.
  3. Active, unrecognized biometrics: This means almost similar to the absence of biometrics. For some reason, the biometrics information in the registration record may have been corrupted, as what may happen to electronic data. In this case, you may have to go to your local COMELEC office to have your biometrics infomation recaptured.
  4. Deactivated: This means that the concerned registered voter has to file for the reactivation of his registration record with his (or her) local COMELEC office where he (or she) is registered.
  5. Not found in the voter database: This means that your name, as typed in, is not included in the voter database. This may be either be that the person is indeed not a registered voter yet, or a typographical error may have been entered into the voter database by your local COMELEC office. If the latter is the case, please coordinate with your local COMELEC office in order to correct this clerical error. source: COMELEC

COMELEC New Mobile App for download

Here’s more, ABS-CBN powered “Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Halalan 2013 mobile app is now available on your finger tips if you have your Android devices.

This mobile app is free which you can download from Google Play Store.

Features of the COMELEC app are as follows:

  • Checking registration status
  • Precinct Finder
  • Halalan 101 which includes information about polling instructions, important dates on elections, and other vital information.
  • Access Candidate lists for Halalan 2013
  • Election News from COMELEC and
  • Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo (BMPM) (Bayan Patrollers’ report such as video, photo, and other relevant iformation)

Furthermore, ABS-CBNNews cited that this app will be also available for Apple devices such iPhone and iPad.

This will be a big start of changes and innovation in Philippines’ election for every Filipino worldwide.


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