Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gladys Reyes Magnificent performance in MMK, “Upuan”

Gladys Reyes touched an inspiring story in Maalaala mo Kaya (MMK) tonight, October 20, 2012 with her magnificent performance as a teacher in Aeta tribe in Tarlac.

Honestly, I didn’t watch regularly MMK but this story touched my family since my sister is a teacher too who taught some time in Mangyan Tribe in Puerto Galera. This story of Letty transformed Gladys from villain to one of a kind acting that surely made her win and touched every teacher’s heart.

Despite the fact that Letty’s family refused her to continue teaching in Flora. Madam Canlas pursue and explained to her husband the importance of her vocation for her pupils. With this her family understands the situation and embraces the real environment of the tribe by visiting her.

Teacher Letty taught not only at school but also educating them on their personal care, first aid, entrepreneurship and an exceptional love. After a year, she decided to leave happily to give way for the new teacher who is also a member of Aeta who pursued the same profession.

Her story is a great experience and adventure which many teachers nowadays should be proud of. Money can be earned but enjoyment and exemplary work matter most for a person who has a golden heart of helping others.

Here in Newstrendzph, we salute every teacher as a new hero of today’s youth in molding their future.


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