Friday, October 26, 2012

“Walang Hanggan “ Finale – an Epic Ending

ABS-CBN “Walang Hanggan“ made its one of a kind Epic Ending on October 26, 2012.

The uniqueness of on how the story ends with a tragedy buzzed netizens which made it on the first spot on Twitter in the Philippines and 5th worldwide. Moreover, “Romeo and Juliet” on the spotted on 10th while Katerina and Daniel on th 9th.

Viewers correlate the story as the Philippine version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

Meanwhile, Nathan Montenegro posted his big thanks to the supporters – “Thank you guys for supporting Walang Hanggan from the very beginning till the very end. Mahal namin kayong lahat :)”.

Some love quotes have been flooded like “Life Ends, but not LOVE - @jokesatibapa”, “All stories end up with a happy ending; if you're not happy yet then that's not your ending. :) - @waniedoo” and “Walang Hanggan proved that FOREVER isn't real in this world, except in HEAVEN. :D - @ShiroUnlimited.”

To the casts, crew, productions, management, and all the ABS-CBN people who made this phenomenal television series, we are very proud of you. Kudos to all of you! You made the Philippine entertainment industry a different views and perspectives in TV series creation. 

courtesy of Walang Hanggan FB page


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