Saturday, December 1, 2012

MMK bangs an excellent episode for World AIDS Day

In observance of World AIDS Day, Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) showed this one of a kind act of returning Kapamilya star, Carlo Aquino, together with Joem Bascon. Both of them did an excellent portrayal of bisexual men who both fought for the disease with their undying love to face the challenge of life.

The story is not just how Carlo Aquino or Joem Bascon acclaimed on their acting but the lesson of the story on how they dealt to escape and defend to right for the wrong doings they did.


The story gave emphasis on how everyone should aim for hope and be normal despite the fact of life struggle on that kind of disease. It promotes awareness on how to STOP the continuous severity of spread out of AIDS in the Philippines.

Though everyone may encounter to be victim of love but it doesn’t mean we will neglect the fact that everyone should be aware and be educated of this illness. We all know that until this time, no cure on HIV/AIDS. According to Ms Charo Santos , don’t be afraid to ask help for organization and hospitals that help every Filipino for consultation and to eradicate the number of infected individuals in our country.

At the end, Santos pointed out that AIDS is not just a story of Carlo Aquino (Kevin) and Joem Bascon (Alan) of being bisexual or homosexual; it could be a story of everybody who doesn’t exactly know how this disease can be acquired.

With this article, may the story of Kevin and Alan becomes trending to teach lessons for everyone; a lesson that will embrace the fact on how to love ourselves and love others in a disciplined way.

STOP AIDS… Be inspired of their story. Like to know more about this story.


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