Friday, January 11, 2013

Fritz Floirendo Sex Scandal over FB: Arrested for Posting Obscene Photo

An employee of Manila City Hall named ‘Fritz Floirendo’ has been arrested after posting an obscene video on Facebook with photos having sex on Thursday, January 10.

photo: fritz floirendo blog (multiply)

Floirendo’s girlfriend, “Nicole”, 20, filed charges against him upon discovering the scandalous photos online.

According to Nicole, before the incident happened there were some threats in connection with the mentioned images from his boyfriend.

Despite the threat and moral damage to his girlfriend, he still denied the allegation.

On the other hand, Floirendo insisted that Nicole has an access on his Facebook account.

In a report from DZMM yesterday, Sampaloc police confiscated his mobile phone containing the mentioned photos while the sex video has been deleted. Those pictures are the evidence that the phone is being used for the uploading added in a report.

Moreover, Fritz Floirendo FB account has been deleted already while his multiply account is still enable with some naked photos.

Do you think it is the best action to revenge when you get mad with your gf or bf?


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