Saturday, February 9, 2013

JR Royol; the first winner of Pinoy MasterChef

MasterChef Pinoy Edition final live cook-off declared JR Royol as the first grand winner. From a band vocalist his passion in cooking outshine at SM Skydome on Saturday, February 09, 2013.

The challenge on the final cook-off is to prepare a Pinoy dish that will elevate and will mark as Pinoy Master Chef winning dish.

With a score of 96.1% on his winning dish, ”Bigorot” short for “Bicol and Igorot”, he knocked down the two ladies, Carla and Ivory.

Based on the comments from celebrity guest judges, Kris Aquino and Richard Gomez, they commended the whole recipe of JR. According to Kris, it is “Perfection” while Richard take it as “THE BEST”.

Carla Macaida took the second placer for her winning “Tuna Adobo with Kaning Dilaw” while Ivory Yat was the third placer using “Palabok” as her dish finale.

JR got 1M from Clara Oil, a kitchen showcase from Whirlpool, and a Diploma Program for Professional Culinary Arts scholarship at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. 

Congratulations JR, you just only prove that your hometown really proud of you but the whole Philippines.


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