Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Australian guy orders in Jollibee in straight Filipino

Australian guy named by Rappler as Chris Urbano is now trending over social media as he ordered in Jollibee in straight Filipino.

 Without any backle he ordered chicken joy as “Kaligayahan ng Manok”, Champ Burger as “Pacquiao Burger”, Fries as “Pritong Patatas”, and Coke zero as “Coke Bokya”. After he ordered, as a Filipino culture he asked for a discount which made the service crew laugh. The girl crew refused for a discount with a smile to this hilarious Australian. At the end, Urbano asked the male crew for the Filipino translation of Jollibee. The crew directly responded as “Masayang Bubuyog”.

The 2 minutes and 51 seconds video is now viral with it 1,606 likes and 1,270 shares and still counting.

According to “Maputing Cooking” FB page, #Jollibee is an iconic Filipino restaurant, but l’ve noticed they hardly speak #Tagalog there anymore – the whole menu is in English now. So I wanted to put the #Pinoy back in #Jollibee by placing my entire order in deep #Tagalog. Warning - this is Hilarious. Enjoy!!

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Do you think the video is funny? 

Watch the video clip of White guy orders at Jollibee in deep Tagalog – Hilarious.


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