Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Journey to Langkawi: Travel Guide

At first I don’t even think that Langkawi will be my first out of Singapore destination. I planned to go to Petronas Towers but a good friend of mine advised me to try Langkawi for some of the good beaches and adventure to explore.

So I booked my flight and googled all the places and foods I can try. It was 3 days and 2 nights; May 20 to May 22, 2015 to be exact.

Since most of my friends I met in Green Kiwi Singapore stayed in Hostels, I tried to look in Agoda for a nice hostel to stay. Fortunately, Cottage Langkawi has the best review during that time. I prefer to go to Cenang Beach as the reviews stated, it is the best beach in Langkawi.

My journey started in the morning of May 20, 2015 where I arrived at the cottage around 12:00 noon paying RM 20.00 using a cab going to The Cottage.

Without wasting my time, I just check in and put my things in the hostel and started to walk going to Underwater World. It was just a 15 to 20 minutes walk from The Cottage, which is a good exercise as well. But if you are a lazy one, you can ride a taxi. The entrance price in UnderWarter World is RM 40.00 for tourist.

Basically the Underwater World has less excitement for me. Since I came from Puerto Galera, I can differentiate the place from our natural marine life sanctuary. But what I enjoyed is the feeding of Penguins and the way clown fish reproduce. See Wikipedia for more details on how Finding Nemo (clown fish reproduce). According to the info there, all clownfish are born males. Hmmm better to search the web :). 

Then I took a rest in The Cottage, where I had a chance to meet the owner with his happy family. They invited for a short dinner because that day is her daughter’s birthday. I had a great talk with some of the travellers who stayed there plus the tidbits of information about Malaysia.

The following day would be the most exciting day. That would be May 21, 2015 which I experienced Island hopping, mangrove tour, cave exploration, monkey feeding, and watching eagles flying. I met also two Singaporeans during the Langkawi beaches exploration. And during the tour, I just learned that the beach is just near Thailand. My mind sparked and thought that my next adventure will be in Bangkok or Krabi.Moreover, the people in Langkawi preserved the Mangrove as part of their conservation. This should be a good model for some other countries around the globe.

After my beach adventure, I decided to experience the steepest cable car in the world. It is not cheap because you need to ride a cab around RM60.00 back and forth from Cenang Beach plus the ride worth RM30.00 plus RM10.00 for the magnet souvenir. While on my way on top, it made my hands sweat and it’s a breath taking experience. But once you were on top, this made you shout and amaze with God’s creation. There are two stops where you can enjoy the skywalk and you can snacks and ice cream as well. Indeed, it is very very nice! You should not miss the Cable Car!

I would say that the whole day gives me a negative stress level and it is awesome!

By the way, I did not eat on some restaurant. I just ate in all well known fast-food chain such as KFC and of course I dropped in Starbucks. This is because most of the foods are not so common for me; normally Arabic foods but there are other restos which they served Malay and Western food. On my last day, I tried to eat in a seafood restaurant which I forgot the name… so sorry!.. and the food is ok, not so much special. But the special food I tasted is the glutinous rice in The Cottage with curry and the mango… it has a fragrant smell which I love most.

I would suggest buying souvenir on the long streets of Cenang. It is cheaper compared to the stalls near the famous attractions. Though I bought some in Underwater that was when I have not seen the differences. For souvenir shirts you can buy around RM10.00 to RM25.00.

After the whole tiring day, I had a great smile and planning to go back with my friends. By the way I travelled alone that time. I prefer to be alone for my first time travel because I do not want to be lost and I do not want a nasty companion.

Hope you enjoy my experience. Till next time.


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