Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chrome extension detects news satire in Facebook

Facebook problem in determining the genuine of information has been ended with this new invented extension using one of the Google Chrome.

This is after Daniel Sieradski created “B.S. Detector”. According to Mashable, Sieradski, said on Product Hunt that he compiled a list of well-known hoax sites that the extension flags (rather than developing an algorithm to warn users about individual articles). He said the sites run across the political spectrum. Users can submit requests to modify those settings on Github. 

This is a start of prevention campaign for hoax news from Facebook which will be helpful for its billion users worldwide.

Moreover, the initiation to have this application is based on the problem encountered during US Presidential Election 2016.

We have tried also here in NewstrendzPH to install the detector and it works.

Here is the instruction to follow. To be able for you to use it in Chrome, you need to click this B.S. Detector. Then you will be directed to ProductHunt and you will see a button with dropdown list. 

Choose Chrome then Get it.

 After that you will directed to Google webstore, then add it.

Here is the result. Take note that this will be only applicable for Chrome browser.


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