Friday, November 11, 2016

Outlook Account Termination: Scam and Phishing Alert

A gentle reminder to all hotmail or users that if you receive an email from Microsoft Team or Outlook Team with a subject “Outlook Account Termination”, please delete it. It’s a scam!

We received recently a series of email from them one is “FINAL**WARNING**WARNING**Your e-mail might be closed” while the other one is “OUTLOOK ACCOUNT TERMINATION™(<> 2016)”.

Be alert that this is a modus operandi. You will be directed in to wrong URL on which you need to key in your account together with your password which allows them to track your account. After that they will access your account and they will hack it.

Take note also that this emails were not recognized by outlook as spam. Possibly, because it used the word Microsoft Team or Outlook Team. Then as you noticed emails are not legitimate.

We will tackle and give an insights how to check whether the email you received is legal or not on our next article.

Below are the screen shots we have, in case you have experienced the same thing.


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