Sunday, January 8, 2012

Second Clown in a Million Winner in Banana Split: Karen Dematera from UP Rep

After four months of hard work and perseverance, Karen Dematera, brings home the bacon of success as the second clown in a million winner after Pokwang.

It’s really amazing that even I was caught by Karen’s punch lines in comedy delivery showed in Banana Split, an ABS-CBN gag show.  Her acting was a double in Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) on which she claims to be a Director Joyce Bernal look alike. That performance was superb wherein I thought that the climax will in a low energy mode. But on the last part, she made a mind captured act using a knock knock joke with her name.

The mentioned competition has been judged by Pokwang, Director Bobot Mortis, and Mr. Joey Marquez.

Among the contestants that showed their best laugh act includes Leo Priscilla, Tekla Librada, and Mimi Arigo. Mimi and Karen were both came from University of the Philippines (UP) Repertory.

As a winner, Karen got 93% score which is higher than Mimi which is 81%. She also received Php 200,000.00, a camera, and a watch plus a contract with ABS-CBN.

On the awarding moment Pooh one of the hosts, mistaken to say “Clown in a Winner”; which on myself should be “Clown in a Hundred Thousand”.

Let us just watch if Karen will make her career as bright as Pokwang did.


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